Brazil Property

Brazil has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. And with its growing and stable economy, a booming tourist industry as well as fairly low property prices in the country, Brazil provides a great opportunity for foreign real estate investors. Read on to learn more about Brazil property market.

Why Buy Property in Brazil

You may be probably asking yourself why you should buy property in Brazil and not the other countries in South America. Well, there are numerous incredible reasons why you should buy Brazil apartments. First, any person can buy property in Brazil, whether you are a citizen or not.

Furthermore, real estate investments, especially for foreign investors, have great tax options. For instance, you will incur a low purchase tax when you buy property in Brazil, if you are a non-resident. Furthermore, all properties in Brazil are sold on a freehold basis, which means that you will get 100 percent of land ownership.

Another reason why you should consider buying a property in Brazil is that the demand for vacation Brazil villas and holiday homes is rapidly growing – thanks to the Government’s investment in the tourism sector. Also, retirees who have a certain pension rate are granted permanent residence permits. Consequently, the demand for retirement communities has increased significantly, thus offering another great opportunity for real estate investors.

Where to Buy Property in Brazil

Currently, Brazil has one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the world. And with a coastline of more than 7,000 kilometers, Brazil offers plenty of investment opportunities for holiday homes. Currently, Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro are considered the best places to buy property in Brazil. Rio De Janeiro is quite popular with real estate investors, due to its business appeal and a growing number of tourists. Sao Paulo is also a promising real estate market, owing to the increasing number of local and international companies relocating to that area. Whether you opt for Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro or both, you can never go wrong with any of these two areas.

Buying Property in Brazil

Before buying a

Rio de Janeiro Property

With city neighborhoods surrounded by green mountains, beautiful white beaches and great views of the Atlantic Ocean, Rio de Janeiro is a great place to visit and live. And over the last couple of years, this city has enjoyed a booming economy as well as decreasing crime rates, partly driven by the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics held in the city. While property prices had spiked a few years ago, things have now cooled down. And this is the best time to invest in property in Rio de Janeiro.

Renting Rio de Janeiro Apartments

If you are visiting Brazil for some months and you don’t have plans of living there permanently, then you can just rent a serviced apartment. As the name suggests, serviced Rio de Janeiro apartments come with a wide range of luxury features and amenities. However, it’s important to note that finding a serviced apartment during the Rio de Janeiro carnival is next to impossible. And the available ones are ridiculously overpriced. But during the other times of the year, serviced Rio de Janeiro apartments are fairly affordable, even those fronting the Copacabana Beach. On average, a week’s stay in a serviced apartment will cost you almost the same per night if you were staying in a two-star hotel in Europe.

Buying Rio de Janeiro Villas

If you intend to settle in Brazil permanently, then it will be highly advisable to invest in Rio de Janeiro Villas. And just like other cities in the country, there are no restrictions on foreigners investing in property in Brazil. You will just need a Brazilian ID, popularly known as CPF, which you can obtain when you present your passport. Investing in real property in Rio de Janeiro can be quite tricky, especially if you don’t speak or understand Portuguese. And in such a situation, you should work with local real estate agents, who will guide you throughout the process.

Where to Live in Rio de Janeiro

Most international buyers and rich locals usually prefer the neighborhoods of Ipanema, Leblon, Jardim Botanico, as well as Lagoa while the middle-income

Sao Paulo Property

Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in South America and without a doubt, the industrial and economic powerhouse of Brazil. It tends to set the pace when it comes to culture, sports, arts and most importantly, finance – for the whole country. However, property prices in Sao Paulo are not as expensive as they are in other areas such as Rio De Janeiro. Furthermore, the increasing supply of properties in this city means that prices throughout the year remain relatively reasonable.

Renting Serviced Sao Paulo Apartments

Whether it’s January or December, June or October, Sao Paulo is a lively center of commerce and business throughout the year. In fact, some of the hotels in the city have converted some of their floors into fully serviced apartments, to accommodate the increasing demand, driven by foreign and local visitors. Serviced Sao Paulo apartments offer great value for your money since they offer all home comforts, including maid service. But as you may expect, serviced apartments in the central business district are slightly more expensive than similar apartments in the outskirts.

Buying Sao Paulo Villa and Apartments

If you are looking to purchase villas, apartments or other types of property in Brazil, then Sao Paulo offers a wide range of great opportunities. And the good news is, there are no restrictions to purchase property in Brazil for foreigners. As long as you have obtained the CPF, then you can start the process of buying or investing in real estate right away. Professionals are highly advised to buy apartments in the central business district. On the other hand, if you are an expat looking for an affordable home, then it’s highly advisable to buying a property in the city suburbs such as Madalena.

Best Places to Live in Sao Paulo

If you are planning to buy property in Sao Paulo, either for your residence or for renting purposes, you have numerous options to choose from. Some of the best neighborhoods to consider in Sao Paulo include Vila Nova Conceição, Jardim Europa, Jardim Paulistano, Itaim, Ibirapuera, Jardins, Vila Olimpia, Vila Madalena, and