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Why Property in Brazil

  • Prices for property in Brazil are up to 70% cheaper than similar European Resorts

  • Brazil has a lower cost of living and offers a dream lifestyle for property owners

  • Brazil has it all - sunshine, beaches, nature and a friendly vibrant culture

  • The Brazilian government has placed a top priority on promoting tourism

  • In recent research 96% of tourists visiting Brazil plan to return

  • Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world with the 10th largest economy

  • According to investment bank Goldman Sachs Brazil with be the world's 5th largest

  • Brazil is the emerging property market with the greatest buzz

  • Direct flights from London Gatwick and Manchester Airports

Brazil reported a gross domestic product growth rate of 4.3% in the first quarter of 2007, and its currency--the real--has appreciated 10% against the U.S. dollar so far this year.

The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) reports that Brazil received 5.4 million tourists in 2005, which was nearly a third of all the tourists visiting South America as a whole during that year. This generated US$3.9 billion in foreign currency exchange from tourists. By 2006, tourist figures in Brazil had reached an impressive 6.3 million. The WTO predict strong performance for property travel and tourism demand in Brazil for 2007, growing at a rate of 7.2%. This forecast points to a rapid but steady phase of growth in both the short- and medium-term.

Brazil is far from sitting on its tourism laurels, however. The Government's National Tourism Plan has identified concrete economical objectives for the foreseeable future. These include the target of over 9 million tourists visiting the country annually, the target of generating US$8 billion in foreign currency, and increasing the number of domestic travelers to 65 million annually.

The fact that Brazilian properties are still available at low prices, combined with a pro-active brazilian Government that is taking a long term attitude to investment into infrastructure improvements and into tourism, will result in inherent rises in property prices, thereby creating a lucrative Brazil market. Additionally, the market is still in its infancy and indicators to its future are highly positive, all aspects that make it a prime emerging market.

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