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Some facts about Brazil

Brazil covers nearly half of South America and is the continent's largest nation. It extends 2,965 mi (4,772 km) north-south, 2,691 mi (4,331 km) east-west, and borders every nation on the continent except Chile and Ecuador. Brazil may be divided into the Brazilian Highlands, or plateau, in the south and the Amazon River Basin in the north. Over a third of Brazil is drained by the Amazon and its more than 200 tributaries. The Amazon is navigable for ocean steamers to Iquitos, Peru, 2,300 mi (3,700 km) upstream. Southern Brazil is drained by the Plata system—the Paraguay, Uruguay, and Paraná rivers.

Brazil has the sixth largest population in the world--about 148 million people--which has doubled in the past 30 years. Because of its size,  there are only 15 people per sq. km, concentrated mainly along the coast and in the major cities, where two-thirds of the people now live: over 19 million in greater Sao Paulo and 10 million in greater Rio.

The Portuguese were the first European settlers to arrive in the area, led by adventurous Pedro Cabral, who began the colonial period in 1500. The Portuguese reportedly found native Indians numbering around seven million. Most tribes were peripatetic, with only limited agriculture and temporary dwellings, although villages often had as many as 5000 inhabitants. Cultural life appears to have been richly developed, although both tribal warfare and cannibalism were ubiquitous. The few remaining traces of Brazil's Indian tribes reveal little of their lifestyle, unlike the evidence from other Andean tribes. Today, fewer than 200,000 of Brazil's indigenous people survive, most of whom inhabit the jungle areas.

Moreover Brazil has year round sun shine, stunning amounts of beautiful coastal beach resorts, low cost of living, and with fresh breezes coming in from the sea. Brazilian people are friendly and welcoming to foreigners, their native language is Brazilian Portuguese. That’s why Brazil property is becoming so popular on the Brazilian coast.
See below for just some more reasons why Brazil is now the place to invest in off-plan property.

  • Over 7,000km of breathtaking palm lined semi-virgin coastline.
  • Near-perfect climate with average temperatures of 28°C in the north-east with a pleasant sea breeze and low humidity.
  • Cultural richness and diversity with historic colonial cities boasting world-class architecture.
  • Negligible risk from floods, hurricanes, earthquake, tsunami or international terrorism
  • North east perfect for sports and adventure enthusiasts with famous wind and kite-surfing areas, world-class diving & snorkeling and deserted sand dunes for buggy riding.
  • Beaches consistently rated in world's top 10
  • Brazilians have a unique mixed heritage resulting in an exhilarating blend of cultures and peoples
  • Fun, lively atmosphere with Samba, Carnival, and Brazil's own intoxicating form of martial arts
  • Brazilians famous for being friendly, enthusiastic and incredibly welcoming to foreigners

And remember that prices in Brazil's "hot zones" (Natal and Bahia) are already seeing increases of 20% p.a. and 2008 is where it all really starts to happen, with many developers only now releasing their very first off-plan properties, built to high European standards and available for amazingly low South American prices - starting from little more than £35,000 with 100% freehold. With developers offering fully furnished condominiums and guaranteed rental incomes on developments boasting on-site facilities as diverse as shopping centers, cinema complexes, plastic surgery clinics, golf courses and private lagoons, prices can only go one way - and that's up.

Author: by Karen Smith

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