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Bahia Property


The state of Bahia has the longest coastline of any state in Brazil with Salvador airport receiving many international flights, including direct flights from the UK. The touristic market is well established in Bahia, being both popular with the domestic market and a growing number of international visitors. The rise in tourism in recent years has led to the construction of several landmark resorts including the Costa do Sauipe Resort to the North of Salvador.

Favoured spots for overseas visitors include Praia do Forte and Sauipe to the North and the luxury resorts of Terravista (Club Med in Trancoso) and Itacare to the south of Salvador. Salvador (the state capital) is one of the top 5 cities in Brazil, with over 2 million inhabitants and a rich cultural life. Salvador has great street parties which have long made the old colonial town with its authentic Portuguese homes a favourite with glamorous adventurers.

Bahia is one of the 26 states of Brazil, and is located in the northeastern part of the country on the Atlantic coast. It is thfourth most populous Brazilian state and the fifth largest in size.

Bahia [ba.'i.a] is pronounced without the H, with the stress on the second syllable and comes from the Portuguese word for "bay".

The Brazilian state of Bahia has the largest number of property projects in an advanced stage of development, primarily in areas north of the city of Salvador known as the Coconut Tree Coast. A new toll highway offers quick transport from the airport to the Northern areas popular with tourists, including Costa do Sauipe and Praia do Forte. Here there are a number of hotel resorts in operation with more being constructed. The Anouska Hempel designed eco resort with its luxury villas recently opened resort with its luxury villas recently opened in hippy chic Itacaré. The States of Ceará and have a relatively large number of projects with firm prospects of completion but are in earlier stages of development.

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