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Articles and news about Brazil Property

Reasons of Brazil property investment growth
In this article you will find out about a number of factors making Brazil a great opportunity for property investment. More...

Why to invest in Bahia property?
Bahia is where Brazil began. Bahia property investment is on the upswing driven by 1000 kilometers of pristine beaches, growing infrastructure and the warm hospitality of its people. Read here more factors proving profitability of Bahia property investment.More...

New Natal property developments
Natal is potentially one of the top performing markets for direct property investment in 2008. Prospects for Natal property market are undoubtedly tied to growth in tourism, infrastructure and overseas private investment and all three trends are expected to continue their ascent in the coming years. Find more facts of Natal property investment growth.More...

Who invests in Brazil Property? Get the facts that explain why.
South America is currently the hottest property investment spot, and Brazil is no exception. Fantastic beaches, exceptional culture, and host for the football World Cup in 2014, there are plenty of reasons to invest in Brazil, either as a second home, or as a speculative investment. More...

Considering buying property in Brazil
Before buying Brazil property you should know that Brazil is amazing country with rich history and culture. In fact Brazil has never been so popular with the media, never so economically exciting and never so easily accessible to all Europeans with a fast-growing infrastructure. More...

Some facts about Brazil
Before going to Brazil, find out main facts about Brazil - its location, history, people and culture. More...

Economic reforms in Brazil
We point out in this article on economic reforms made in Brazil and how it helps Brazil to be the world's tenth-largest economy in GDP terms. More...

Brazil political system
We'll tell you about Brazil political culture and structure. Read in this article about government, about president Lula and political parties. More...

Main cities in Brazil
We want to tell about main big cities in Brazil, to show its similarities and differences. More...

Heritage of coffee in the land of Brazil
Brazil is a coffee giant. As Frank Sinatra sang, "they grow an awful lot of coffee in Brazil". It's the largest producer of low grade Arabica coffee. Brazil: there is some in almost every espresso you drink. In fact, some espresso is 90% Brazil. And there is Brazil in most canned coffee and big roasters' blends. More...

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