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New Natal property developments

Brazil is the world's fifth largest country and takes more than 7 hours to fly from North to South. This inevitably provides an extreme range of diversity across the entire country from the people, to the climate, to the geography as well as to the economies of the different regions.

With thousands of kilometers of beaches and over 300 days of sunshine per year, the Brazilian government is now promoting Brazil as the place to come for both tourism and investment. The government's commitment to opening up the country can be seen in the upgrading of several airports such as Joao Pessoa, Natal and Maceio, to international status, along with huge investment in new roads and general infrastructure.

Natal, located at the extreme northeast tip of Brazil is the part of Brazil which is closest to Europe. Natal is the state capital of Rio Grande Do Norte and has a population of almost 800,000 people. This region of Brazil is famous for its near perfect climate with an average yearly temperature of 27 ÂșC. Natal is also the safest state capital in Brazil and in addition, according to the research done by NASA, Natal has the purest air on the continent and second purest in the world, losing only to Antarctica!!

With its dozens of white beaches, such as Ponta Negra and Morro do Careca Natal is a most popular beach location and now international property investment is really emerging as a major market with many luxury off-plan developments being built and at very affordable prices. Industry experts predict 400% capital growth for Brazil property in the Natal region over the next 10 years.

Prospects for Natal property market are undoubtedly tied to growth in tourism, infrastructure and overseas private investment and all three trends are expected to continue their ascent in the coming years. The property market is tipped to grow at a phenomenal rate as international tourism is growing fast while at the same time the huge Brazilian domestic economy is fast improving.

Numerous resort and condominium developments are in the planning stages for the Natal area, offering real estate investors a wealth of new opportunities for investment. Investors and soccer fans alike will probably hear more about Natal during the next few years as the city has been placed under consideration as a possible 2014 World Cup venue, Messenger said. The Brazilian government has announced plans to build new stadiums in Natal and three other cities in Brazil and to upgrade 14 others to international status.

The local government is also investing billions into the local infrastructure to make this one of the worlds number one tourist destinations. They intend to attract 9 million tourists each year and more than 1 million local jobs. In a small area of coast there are more than 20 golf courses planned. The new Natal suspension bridge has opened up the stunning northern coast to property development. And the new Airport will be the largest in South America , the 5th largest in the world. There is little doubt that Property in Natal and property in Brazil generally will soar in price.

Author: by Gabriella Ferraro

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