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Brazil Real Estate

The Brazilian real estate market is full of potential and offers an excellent opportunity to maximize profits on your property purchase, with very favorable exchange rates adding further value. Real estate in Brazil and particularly in north east Brazil around Natal, Fortaleza and Bahia, offers perhaps the most exciting investment opportunity anywhere in the world today. As is true of all emerging markets, the early bird catches the worm and early investors will see the greatest returns on investment. In an area of such obvious growth and potential, property purchasers are confident they will experience substantial financial gains as the demand for property in Brazil increases.

Located in the corner of South America, Natal is an extremely pleasant city, with a tropical climate, recognized as the city with the purest air of America.

With its dozens of white beaches, such as Ponta Negra and Morro do Careca Natal is a most popular beach location and now international real estate investment is really emerging as a major market with many luxury off-plan developments being built and at very affordable prices. Tourism is the most important industry of Natal, with real estate running in second place to this. Industry experts predict 400% capital growth for Brazil property in the Natal region over the next 10 years. The local government is investing billions into the local infrastructure to make this one of the worlds number one tourist destinations. They intend to attract 9 million tourists each year and more than 1 million local jobs. In a small area of coast there are more than 20 golf courses planned. The new Natal suspension bridge has opened up the stunning northern coast to property development. And the new Airport will be the largest in South America, the 5th largest in the world. The combination of sea, sand dunes, lagoons, a rich and varied gastronomy, an array of leisure and entertainment and a pleasant and hospitable people makes Natal irresistible.

Bahia is a great tropical paradise of tremendous value. It is without a doubt one of the most important tourism destinations in South America with its numerous attractions and pleasant climate throughout most of the year. Beaches, islands, rivers, caves and mountains are just a few examples of the many landscapes of this land, which is known for its great cultural diversity. Extensive conservation areas, delicious local cuisine and a wealth of folk traditions are other elements that make the state even more attractive to visitors.  The Salvador area (Capital of Bahia) is far the most frequently visited. Real Estate investment is on the upswing driven by Bahia is over 1000 kilometers of pristine beaches, growing infrastructure and the warm hospitality of its people. The world has woken up to the real estate potential in Bahia but owning or renting your dream den in Bahia is no longer a dream.

Brazil real estate offers a luxury choice of different villas and apartments. Each of them has is own specific interior with fascinating beauty. Brazil offers all the quality facilities one would expect from a world class resort.

Brazil is famous for its beaches, and real estate along the beach or nearby tends to be most popular. There is real estate for everyone in Brazil: ranging from apartments, houses, beachfront homes to farms/fazendas, land, closed condominiums, hotels and even islands. Fantastic beaches, exceptional culture, and host for the football World Cup in 2014, there are plenty of reasons to invest in Brazil, either as a second home, or as a speculative investment.

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